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Fresh Lychee Fruits Dehydrator Longan Drying Machine

Model GG-7P
Capacity 300-700kg/time
Voltage 380V50HZ
Size Customize
Material Stainless Steel+PP
Product Introduction >>

Longan drying machine has a professional self-developed air distribution system to ensure air speed, uniform heat, fast drying of longan, natural color, small nutrient loss, good taste, strong color and fragrance, and high output. Longan dryer is also suitable for drying lychee, rambutan and other fruits. Longan is dried to reduce moisture to prolong the shelf life. It can be eaten directly or boiled in soup. It is a good tonic and is very popular with consumers.


Working Principle >>

The longan drying process not only needs to remove the water in the longan to make it reach the standard water content of the finished product, but also maintain the dry color of the longan. The quality of dried longan mainly depends on the drying process of longan. The drying process is also closely related to the fact that the dried longan will not become moldy, fermented or deteriorated during the shelf life for a period of time in the future. Longan can be baked with or without the shell, and the baking process is slightly different.

If the shell is dried, it is generally divided into three dryings. After years of market investment and customer feedback data, our company has continuously summarized and improved, and obtained the following set of mature baking programs, as follows:


1. Start the heat pump longan dryer, put the longan to be dried on the tray, put it on the shelf and push it into the drying room, set the temperature to 60°C, the time is 4 hours, and dehumidify a lot, at this time the longan The dry color slowly turns yellow.

2. After the initial drying, the water on the surface of the longan has been evaporated. If the temperature continues to rise, it will cause cracking. It is necessary to take the longan meat out of the air energy heat pump longan dryer and cool it for a few hours. The main purpose is to let the moisture From the inside, it slowly oozes from the inside of the longan to the fruit surface.

3. Carry out the second drying, put the longan into the drying room again, set the temperature at 50 ° C, the time is 3 hours, and slowly dry and dehumidify.

4. Set the temperature to 45°C again, and the time to 1-2 hours, so as to remove the remaining water in the longan meat. At this point, the whole drying process is completed.

The drying of dehulling is generally divided into one drying, and the required period is relatively long, and the drying time is about 23 hours. 

Advantages >>

Longan Dryer Machine Advantages

1. Easy installation: easy installation, small footprint, and can be installed anywhere indoors or outdoors.

2. High efficiency and energy saving: Only a small amount of electricity can absorb a lot of heat in the air, which is 75% more energy efficient than electric heating dryers; 66% energy efficient than fuel and gas drying equipment; 30% more energy efficient than coal-fired dryers %, 1 kWh of electricity is used as 4 kWh of electricity.

3. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: There is no combustion or discharge, and it fully meets the food hygiene standards. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

4. Safe and reliable operation: The operation of the whole system is free from the dangers of flammability, explosion, poisoning, short circuit, etc. that may exist in traditional dryers (fuel, gas or electric heating). It is a reliable fully enclosed drying system.

5. Long service life and low maintenance cost: It is developed on the basis of traditional air conditioning technology, with mature technology, stable and reliable performance, long service life and safe and reliable operation.

6. High degree of intelligence: It adopts microcomputer intelligent control, without manual participation, and can be continuously dried for 24 hours.


Technical Data >>

Heat Pump Dryer Parameter


Heat Pump Dryer Parameter






Environment temperature




Drying temperature range




Rated power





Maximum power





Power supply form





Temperature control accuracy




Electric heating power






Single chip microcomputer/PLC+color screen control

Noise level










Dehydration capacity





Product Features >>

Lychee Drying Machine Features

Electrical components

The electronically controlled electrical components such as AC contactors use the famous brand Schneider.

Material cart

The material trolley is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel material. There are 16 layers in total, with two trays placed on each layer, and a total of 32 trays.

Copeland Compressor

As the main component of the heat pump dryer, the compressor acts like the heart to promote the circulation of the refrigeration system. The heat pump dryer adopts the famous American brand Copeland compressor, and the product quality is guaranteed.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are mainly evaporators and condensers. The materials used are high-quality inner wall threaded copper tubes and hydrophilic aluminum foil fins with good thermal conductivity, which increase the heat exchange area while ensuring the material, thereby ensuring the heat exchange efficiency.

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