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Moringa Processing Machines Technology


The moringa leaf powder processing machine can process the leaves of the freshly harvested Moringa tree into Moringa powder after washing, air-drying, cutting into sections, drying, and phenolic acid. This powder is prepared by drying Moringa oleifera leaves at low temperatures so that the plant tissues will reach the consistency of a fine powder. Fresh Moringa leaf powder is dark green and has a strong nutty flavor.

This set of assembly line equipment is also suitable for processing a variety of Chinese medicinal materials, such as: Panax notoginseng, Chuandilong, Ganoderma lucidum, Astragalus, Gastrodia, Dragon's blood, Dendrobium, Ginseng, Snow lotus, Angelica, etc.

Moringa Leaf Powder Processing Machine Working Flow

The process of processing Moringa powder into production includes: conveying-cleaning-air drying-cutting-drying-crushing-packaging.

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Moringa powder processing equipment processing Moringa powder complete assembly line equipment includes: selection conveyor, washing machine, vibrating distributing machine, turning air dryer, conveyor, cutting machine, winnowing machine, lifting conveyor, vibrating distributing machine, five Layer box dryer, lifting conveyor, crusher, lifting mixer, etc.

Moringa leaf washing machine:

To remove the branches of Moringa oleifera leaves from the tree, you need to use bubble tumbling and spraying techniques to clean the Moringa oleifera leaves. At the same time, appropriate agents can be added for color fixation and disinfection to enhance the color of Moringa powder.

Moringa leaf de-watering machine:

Moringa leaves are air-dried and cleaned by the Moringa oleifera leaf dryer. The moringa leaves are naturally blown dry with a large air volume and low noise fan, which can effectively remove water droplets on the surface of the moringa leaves, greatly shorten the drying time and improve the efficiency of subsequent processing of the moringa leaves. Moringa leaf air-drying machine is designed for multiple turning and conveying, and has a reverse wind device to prevent dead corners from drying. Moringa leaf air-drying machine

The drying effect is good, the equipment adopts frequency conversion conveying, and the speed is adjustable and the conveying is stable.

Moringa leaf cutting machine:

The conveyor belt speed and rotating knife speed of Moringa sticks are adjusted by frequency converter, which can be independently controlled. One machine has multiple functions, powerful functions, high output, convenient cutter head replacement, simple operation and convenient cleaning. The length of Moringa oleifera branches after cutting is relatively the same, which is more convenient for subsequent drying treatment.

Moringa leaf dehydrating machine: 

Moringa leaf drying processing equipment is equipped with an induced draft fan and a circulating air duct inside, so that the steam in the equipment forms a circulating wind steam, which saves heat and draws out moisture from the bottom up. So that the Moringa oleifera leaves are evenly heated and maintain the same color. There is a fan and natural air outlet at the top of the equipment. And there is a manual electric control device, a fan device, and the size of the wind star can be adjusted at will. It can effectively control the humidity in the equipment to ensure the color and drying effect of Moringa leaves.

Moringa leaf powder making machine:

Moringa leaf pulverizer uses the relative movement between the high-speed movable tooth disk and the fixed tooth disk, so that the Moringa oleifera leaves are crushed by the combined effects of tooth impact, shear and friction, and the collision of the Moringa oleifera leaves with each other. Purpose. This machine has simple structure, stable operation, low noise and good crushing effect. The crushed Moringa powder is directly discharged from the crushing chamber. The particle size of Moringa powder can be achieved by selecting screens with different apertures. 

Moringa powder packaging machine:

Moringa powder packaging machine can automatically complete Moringa powder measurement, filling and other tasks, with high accuracy, small error, intelligent bag feeding, adjusting bag width, filling Moringa powder, suitable for various fine powders with good flow: such as flour, milk powder, Seasoning powder, coffee powder, chili powder, etc.; the most surprising thing is that once packaged, this powder stays fresh for several months, retaining its nutritional value of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and complete amino acids.

Moringa Leaf Powder Processing Machine Youtube Video

Moringa Leafy Powder Processing Line

Moringa Dehydration Advantages


Moringa is a plant native to the sub-Himalayan regions of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. It also grows in tropical regions. The leaves, bark, flowers, fruits, seeds and roots are used in medicine. The Moringa tree is considered to be one of the most nutritious plants ever found, and most of its benefits are concentrated in its small green leaves.

Moringa Leaves

Moringa leaves can be used to treat or assist in the treatment of fever, bronchitis, skin infections, arthritis, etc. It is very beneficial for lowering blood pressure, controlling blood sugar, reducing mental anxiety, eliminating garbage in the body, supplementing body nutrition, and eliminating fatigue.

Moringa Powder

Moringa powder is rich in very important vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids. This makes Moringa powder a natural and organic source of essential vitamins, minerals and energy in our body.

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