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Ginger Powder Processing Line


The ginger powder processing line uses ginger as the raw material, and processes the ginger into ginger powder or compound ginger powder through cleaning, cutting, drying, grinding and other processing techniques to produce flavored garlic powder to meet the cooking needs of different families, restaurants, and food processing plants.

Processing fresh ginger into ginger powder can significantly increase the added value of ginger in the ginger planting business, and reduce ginger loss and storage and transportation costs caused by ginger price fluctuations.It is the best choice for ginger powder business! !

Ginger Powder Processing Line Flow Chart

The working process of the ginger powder processing line: ginger cleaning-ginger peeling-ginger slicing-ginger drying-ginger powder grinding-ginger powder packaging


The dehydrated ginger powder production line produces high-quality dehydrated ginger slices through the cleaning, cutting, drying and screening process. The drying simulates the principle of natural air drying. After a short period of drying, the color is natural and the dehydrated ginger slices have good rehydration. Related technology and The equipment is further processed into sugar ginger powder or flavored ginger powder.

Ginger bubble washing machine: used to clean the mud, dust and other impurities attached to the surface of the ginger root.

Ginger (or other fruits and vegetables) enters the water tank manually (or a hoist), and is rolled, washed, and transported under the action of high-pressure water flow and powerful air bubbles. The washed ginger is sprayed and cleaned and sent to the next process.

Ginger brush washing peeling machine: used to clean and remove the epidermis. It adopts the special design of spiral feeding structure to realize fully automatic work.

Ginger slicing machine: The thickness of ginger slices is uniform, and the slice thickness can be adjusted as required.

Blanching machine: Rinse the cut ginger slices, protect the color, prevent browning after slicing, and deepen the color of the ginger slices, and reduce the loss of active ingredients in the drying process.

Air dryer: Effectively remove the moisture on the surface of the ginger slice after rinsing, greatly shorten the drying cycle, suitable for assembly line operation, and improve the degree of enterprise production automation.

Mesh belt type ginger slice dryer: adopts multi-layer mobile stainless steel mesh belt, automatic feeding and discharging, saving a lot of labor cost.

Ginger powder making machine: Grinding the dried ginger slices, the fineness can be from 10 to 120 mesh. (Optional)

Packaging machine: Generally, automatic ginger powder packaging equipment is necessary for the ginger powder business, which is divided into two layers of packaging. The inner layer is transparent cling film, which can effectively ensure that the dried ginger slices will not regain moisture. The outer layer is a plastic woven bag, which is effective ensure the safety of the transportation process.

Ginger Powder Processing Line Youtube Video

Ginger Powder Processing Line Advantages

Ginger Dehydration Advantages


Ginger has a pungent taste and is warm in nature. It is good for dispersing wind-cold, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, and can also stop vomiting and detoxification. It is often used clinically to treat symptoms of exogenous wind-cold and stomach cold and vomiting. The ginger broiling method is to take these characteristics of ginger, and use ginger juice as an auxiliary material to concoct the medicine to enhance the effect of the medicine to eliminate phlegm and relieve cough, reduce adverse effects and relieve vomiting, and reduce its toxic and side effects.

Ginger Flakes

Ginger has a similar effect to vasodilators. It can open pores on the body, dilate blood vessels, speed up blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism. Therefore, taking a slice of ginger when you go out in the cold winter can eliminate the cold in time. Ginger tablets can not only drive away cold, but also appetite and promote digestion.

Ginger Powder

Ginger powder made from ginger can be used for seasoning, pickling, and soup making, making it quicker and more convenient to use. If you make fish balls, meat balls, vegetable tofu balls, dumplings, fried fish, fried potato cakes, soup, porridge, etc. for babies over nine months old. It is not only beneficial to the baby's swallowing, but also promotes the baby's appetite, helps digestion, prevents colds, relieves cold and relieves cough and other therapeutic effects.

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