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Garlic Powder Production Line Technology


The garlic powder production line prepares garlic powder by peeling fresh garlic cloves, slicing, drying, and grinding. The prepared garlic powder has strong garlic fragrance, fine texture, slightly yellow color, good flowability, and a special garlic fragrance. Garlic powder is a commonly used seasoning, which has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Garlic powder is convenient to store and is often available in all seasons. It is very popular in the market.

Garlic Powder Processing Flow Chart

The garlic powder processing plant processing flow : coarsely dividing the cloves → subdividing the cloves → peeling → slicing (cutting) → rinsing → dehydration → drying → cooling → packaging.


A complete large-scale garlic powder production line mainly includes: splitting machine, peeling (peeling) machine, washing and bleaching machine, slicing machine, dehydrating machine, dryer, powder grinding equipment, packaging machine, etc., each equipment interacts with each other. Connected by a hoist.

Garlic clove separator: It is mainly used to separate garlic cloves and garlic stalks and partially peel the garlic cloves.

Garlic Peeling machine: adopts electric and pneumatic automatic control to make garlic automatically feed, peel, and separate the garlic from the peel.

Garlic washing and rinsing machine: Wash off impurities before slicing, rinse off the garlic film, and rinse thoroughly after slicing to remove glue and debris to prevent yellowish brown during drying. The whole is made of stainless steel. Through the effect of water circulation, the garlic cloves will be removed during the initial cleaning of the garlic. Because the specific gravity of the garlic cloves and the garlic cloves are different, the garlic cloves will sink in the water and the garlic cloves will float, so After the initial rinsing, the garlic cloves will follow the conveying system and enter the next process, and the garlic clothes will be collected and processed by the picks on the washing and rinsing machine to achieve the ideal bleaching (removing) skin effect.

Garlic slicing machine: Cut the garlic cloves into even slices. The thickness of the slices should be 1.5-2mm. The garlic slices processed by this high-efficiency garlic slicer have standard product specifications with uniform thickness and uniform size, which has a good effect on the later drying process. This uniform garlic slice can keep the time and effect of the drying process under the same conditions, so the overall drying effect will also be very high, which meets the processing standards of large-scale enterprises in the drying of garlic slices.

Fully automatic continuous dehydrator: Garlic slices can effectively remove water and shorten the drying time before drying after washing. The main purpose is to pre-dehydrate the garlic slices before drying. Because the garlic slicer uses the principle of water washing and slicing, the moisture content of the garlic slices after cutting is super high, plus the water contained in the garlic slices. If you don’t go through the preliminary dehydration treatment and directly send it to the drying host, it will cause serious cooking conditions, which will have a huge impact on the quality of the dried garlic slices. Therefore, the garlic slice dehydration processing equipment is used for preliminary analysis. Dehydration processing is very necessary.

Mesh belt type garlic slice dryer: The dryer is the key equipment, which determines the effect and quality of garlic slices after processing. Using our mesh belt type garlic slice dryer, with an intelligent control system, can make garlic slices The drying is always maintained in a reasonable drying environment to ensure the effect of the finished product. The use of this garlic slice dryer has the advantages of large processing output, high degree of automation, controllable drying effect and quality, and adjustable drying time. In addition, our large garlic slice drying equipment no matter what kind of The heat source can be perfectly matched through our self-developed heat exchange system to replace pure hot air and dry the garlic slices.

Garlic powder packing machine generally adopts automatic packaging equipment, which is divided into two layers of packaging. The inner layer is transparent cling film, which can effectively ensure that the dried garlic slices will not regain moisture. The outer layer is a plastic woven bag, which effectively guarantees The safety of the transportation process is improved.

Garlic Powder Production Line Youtube

Garlic Powder Produstion Line Advantages

·High degree of automation, high production efficiency, saving time and effort.

·Environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution to the environment, no waste of raw materials.

· Made of stainless steel, in line with food machinery standards.

·The appearance of the equipment is exquisite and generous, the internal structure is compact, and the footprint is small and easy to use.

·According to the final product, it can be equipped with corresponding equipment to diversify the processed products.

Dehydration Garlic Products Advnatages


Garlic has high edible value and medicinal value. As a commonly used condiment, it can be sliced, dried, powdered, etc.

Give full play to the economic value of garlic, and also facilitate transportation and storage.

1. Garlic slices

Garlic tablets can treat deep fungal and bacterial infections, prevent acute and chronic bacillary dysentery and enteritis, whooping cough, fungal infections of the lungs and digestive tract, cryptococcal meningitis, tuberculosis, candida albicans bacteremia, and can promote blood circulation. Enhance metabolism, help prevent heart disease, can help digestion, promote appetite, eliminate flatulence, soothe peptic ulcer, relieve ulcer pain, and inhibit the growth of tumor cells and cancer cells. It is particularly effective for gastric cancer and uterine cancer, and can also inhibit Blood coagulation prevents thrombosis, can greatly improve the body's own immunity, can reduce blood fat, and blood cholesterol, can prevent cardiovascular disease and prevent arteriosclerosis.

2. Garlic powder

Garlic is an indispensable seasoning ingredient in people's daily life, and it is also a very good sterilizing ingredient. It is proved by medical experts that long-term consumption of garlic can play a certain role in preventing cancer.

With people's further understanding of garlic, the current edible and medicinal value of garlic is getting higher and higher, and the market demand is also increasing. As a big garlic exporter, my country exports a large amount of dried garlic slices to East Asia, South Asia, Europe and the United States every year. Exporting foreign exchange has become a business opportunity for garlic traders to create huge profits.

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