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Automatic Garlic Clove Separating Machine Garlic Breaking

Model GG
Capacity Support customize
Voltage 220V50HZ
Size 60*120*125(cm)
Material Stainless Steel
Product Introduction >>

The garlic clove separating machine use the garlic bulb to flexibly squeeze the gap between the silicone flat plate and the upper silicone tapered plate. Garlic bulb separating machine has an exclusive adjustable way to adjust the size of the roller gap. The operation is simple. The size of the garlic ball can be used, and the garlic cloves are not easy to damage, and the peeling rate is high. More than 98%. Built-in fan, garlic skin, garlic stem and garlic clove can be separated by eye.

Advantages >>

◆ Compact structure, small footprint,

◆ Time saving, power saving, high production efficiency,

◆ Convenient use and maintenance, low failure rate.

◆ Stable performance, high garlic clove splitting rate and low damage rate;

◆ The rubber sheet is made of food-grade silicone material, which has high elasticity, tensile resistance, abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance and other properties;

Technical Data >>




304 stainless steel

Input voltage


Total power

1800W (1.5KW motor, 0.3KW fan)



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