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Automatic Dried Garlic Powder Making Machine

Model GGS40B/C
Capacity 100-400kg
Voltage 220V50HZ
Size 800*700*1450 mm
Material Stainless Steel
Product Introduction >>

The garlic powder machine use the high-speed relative movement between the movable sprocket and the fixed sprocket to make the dried garlic slices get crushed garlic powder through the comprehensive effects of the sprocket impact, friction and the impact of the dried garlic slices on each other. Adjustable from 20-120 mesh.

Advantages >>

Garlic Powder Making Machine Advantage

Technical Data >>
Discharge fineness20-12020-12020-12020-12020-12020-120
Cutter diameter(mm)150200300350500550
monitor rate(KW)
Dust removal power(KW)
Total Weight(KG)60140220440560620
Dust removal weight(KG)110230310560680760
Dust removal size(mm)800*500*12001000*500*14001200*700*18501350*900*20001400*900*21501600*1100*2300

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Garlic Powder Machine Features

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