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Commercial Mango Fruit Drying Dehydrator Machine

Model GG-7P
Capacity 450-750kg
Voltage 380V50HZ
Size 7520*2050*2700mm
Material Stainless Steel
Product Introduction >>

Mango drying machine are also called heat pump dryers. We select fresh mangoes with thick flesh and mature to 8-9% to produce dried mangoes with full color and sweet and sour taste. It can increase the added value of mangoes, and dried mangoes in Thailand and the Philippines are local specialty snacks, which are very popular among consumers.


The mango dehydrator machine is mainly composed of air energy heat pump, heat preservation drying room, circulating air system, heat recovery system, electric control system, trolley material rack tray and other equipment.

The mango drying process mainly uses a circulating fan to send the pure hot air generated by the heat pump into the drying room, so that the air in the dryer circulates, and wind evaporation is formed on the surface of the mango, and then the dehumidification device performs condensation and dehumidification, and so on. Circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of mango drying.

Advantages >>

Mango Fruit Drying Machine Advantages


Technical Data >>

Commercial Mango Drying Machine Parameter



Use environment temperature


Drying temperature (out of wind)


Polyurethane thickness


Rated power




Processing capacity


Heating way

Electric heating

Operation method


Heat source

Air energy heat pump

Control way

Touch screen + PLC control

Overall size installation drawing (with heat pump)


Drying material weight

450-750kg(According to the type of material)


Color steel, stainless steel (customizable)

Applicable materials

Chinese medicinal materials, flowers and leaves, rhizomes, peppers and other materials

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Mango Dehydrator Machine Features

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