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Continuous Onion Drying Dehydrator Machine With Mesh Belt

Model GGWD07
Capacity 1.6m width
Voltage 380V50HZ
Size 7000*2200*2500mm
Material Stainless Steel
Product Introduction >>

The onion drying machine adopts low temperature drying, the onion enters from the upper layer, and the thickness of the onion spread is controlled by the automatic spreader. Driven by the mesh belt, the onion moves from the upper layer to the lower layer. During operation, the onion will fall down many times to make the onion turn more thoroughly and dry more evenly. The dried onions are discharged from the discharge port of the bottom layer, and in this process, they are fully in contact with the high temperature and hot air to achieve the drying effect.


Fresh onions have high water content and are easy to spoil and rot. The onion drying and dehydrating method can reduce the moisture content of onions to below the safe storage moisture content, it can effectively extend the storage time and facilitate packaging and transportation. In the traditional drying and dehydration process of onion, the phenomenon of loss of fragrance volatilization, dull black and yellow color, and destruction of nutrients are prone to occur.

The onion drying machine can precisely controls the temperature and humidity of the drying to ensure the shape, color and taste of the dried vegetables to a greater extent. It is suitable for drying various vegetables such as cabbage, radish, bamboo shoots, edible fungus, potatoes, onions and so on.

Advantages >>

Onion Drying Machine Advantages

High efficiency, continuous drying of onions, not affected by weather, large output and high efficiency

Good effect, multi-layer mesh belt, layer by layer drying, onion automatic flip, onion drying quality is good

Low cost, a variety of heat sources are available, purchase according to local energy advantages, and lower drying costs

The onion drying machine operation is simple, and the onion automatic feeding, drying and discharging can be completed by simple settings

One onion drying machine for multiple purposes, temperature controllable, small footprint, and can dry a variety of vegetable materials in addition to onions


Technical Data >>

Onion Dehydrator Parameter



Mesh belt width


















Product Features >>

Onion Dehydrator Machine Features

1. Low energy consumption and high heat utilization rate.

2. The onion dehydrator machine has a high degree of automation, and manual intervention is not required during the production process.

3. The whole onion dehydrator machine adopts an integral structure, which is convenient for transportation and assembly on the demand side.

4. The bottom of the box is designed with a blanking inclined plate and a quick-opening cleaning door, which is convenient for cleaning the powder in the box.

5. The hot air unit of the equipment, the hot air temperature, the humidity in the box, and the amount of humidity can be adjusted independently.

6. The onion dehydrator machine is a multi-layer mesh belt. When the material of the upper mesh belt falls to the lower mesh belt, it has the effect of turning materials and improves the drying strength.

7. Strong versatility and wide adaptability, it can be adapted to the drying and dewatering of different kinds of granular, flake and block materials.

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