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Small Onion Rings Slicing Machine Root Vegetable Cutting

Model GG-1
Capacity 300kg/h
Voltage 220V50HZ
Size 650*550*900mm
Material Stainless Steel
Product Introduction >>

The small onion slicing machine is mainly used for the slicing work of onion processing. The onion rings cut by the onion slicing machine are neat in shape, with a uniform thickness and yield of 99%, which meets the needs of onion deep processing. It completely replaces the painstaking and tiring traditional manual work. The onion slicing efficiency is high, which is dozens of times the labor efficiency, which saves time and labor.

Small Onion Slicing Machine Application:

Roots and fruits, such as potatoes, carrots, white radishes, green radishes, sweet potatoes, lotus roots, apples, pears, etc.; mainly suitable for slicing medium-sized, long cylindrical materials

It is a new type of ideal equipment for food export processing companies, freezing companies, vegetable processing companies, pickling companies, supermarkets and hotels to process various types of fruits and vegetables.

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Onion Slicing Machine Advantages

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Product Features >>

Onion Slicing Machine Features

The small onion slicing machine is made of stainless steel

The small onion slicing machine is made of food stainless steel except for the hydraulic part, which meets the requirements of food hygiene.

High-quality waterproof switch

The onion slicing machine adopts high-quality waterproof switch to control the operation of the machine, which is convenient for operation.

Adjustable slicing angle

Thickened stainless steel inlet, onion slicing angle can be customized according to requirements.

Three-piece cutter

The onion cutter is made of high-carbon chromium stainless steel (3Cr13), with high strength, high hardness, sharp blades without deformation, and high work efficiency.

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