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Industrial Potato Chips Dehydrator Machine

Model GG-7P
Capacity 450-750kg
Voltage 380V50HZ
Size 7520*2050*2700mm
Material Stainless Steel
Product Introduction >>

The potato chip dehydrator machine uses air energy heat pump as the heat source, and the dried potato chips is of high quality and pollution-free. Not only can the potatoes be free from pollution and decay, but the equipment is highly intelligent and does not require special personnel to save labor costs. The use of heat pumps to dry materials is also an energy-saving drying method advocated by the country.

Take fresh potatoes, peel and slice them and put them in boiling water to soak and scald them, then take them out and put them in a tray, push them into the heat pump potato chip dryer with a cart, set the temperature to 60-65 degrees, the drying time is 6 hours, and the humidity Set to 20%.The potato chips dried by potato chips dehydrator machine are not fried, directly dehydrated, and retain the original vitamins and other nutrients of the potato, which are healthier and maintain a crispy taste.

Advantages >>

Potato Chips Dehydrator Machine Advantages

1. It can effectively guarantee the quality of the potato chips being dried.

2. The temperature distribution is even during the potato chip drying process, and the temperature and humidity can be automatically controlled.

3. Potato chips There is no danger of harm to people during the drying process.

4. The potato chips drying process has low energy consumption, which effectively reduces operating costs.

5. Strong versatility (multiple use in one machine), which reduces the investment cost and improves the utilization rate and effective utilization rate of the equipment.

Technical Data >>

Potato Chips Dehydrator Machine Parameter



Use environment temperature


Drying temperature (out of wind)


Polyurethane thickness


Rated power




Processing capacity


Heating way

Electric heating

Operation method


Heat source

Air energy heat pump

Control way

Touch screen + PLC control

Overall size installation drawing (with heat pump)


Drying material weight

450-750kg(According to the type of material)


Color steel, stainless steel (customizable)

Applicable materials

Chinese medicinal materials, flowers and leaves, rhizomes, peppers and other materials

Product Features >>

Potato Chips Dryer Machine Features

1. The drying process can be controlled at will. According to the drying process, different time periods (up to 10 time periods can be set) and different temperatures can be set to dry the potato chips.

2. Intelligent control. Using touch screen control, automatic temperature control.

3. The design of split wind is reasonable. With the latest design of air distribution, the potato slices are dried evenly.

4. Integrated design of heating, drying and dehumidification. Potato chips are dried more efficiently.

5. The dried potato chips are golden in color.

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