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Stainless Steel Rose Bud Flower Picking Machine

Model GG
Capacity Customize
Voltage 220V50HZ
Size 3000mm*1200mm*800mm
Material Stainless Steel+PP
Product Introduction >>

The rose bud picking machine, also called the double-layer sorting machine, is designed to simulate the manual pre-selection process. The operation table has an upper and lower sorting conveyor belt. The upper conveyor belt outputs the fresh rose buds to the drying process, and the lower conveyor belt conveys the waste to collect it on the other end.

While conveying to the next process with mesh belt transmission, picking out defective materials is convenient, time-saving, labor-saving and continuous operation.We can also design multi-layer sorting according to customer needs, lengthened and widened to meet the processing needs of rose buds and other herbs.

Advantages >>

Rose Bud Picking Machine Advanatages

Technical Data >>

Rose Bud Picking Machine Parameter








40× 40×2mm Stainless steel square tube


3000mm*1200mm*800mm Support customization

Product Features >>

Rose Bud Flower Picking Belt Features

Electric control box

The inching switch design is simple and easy to understand, the knob speed adjustment is easy to understand, all circuit systems are integrated, and the operation is simple and safe.


Plastic cutting board

Selected materials, strong and wear-resistant, long service life, easy to clean.


Stepper motor

Accurate positioning, high reliability, and long service life of the motor.



Used for conveying materials, using belt conveying, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and long service life


Waste entry

Put unqualified materials and bad parts into the waste port, and send them out through the lower waste conveyor belt.

Scrap export

The waste is transported by the conveyor belt to the outlet to another place.

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