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Cassava Flour Processing Making Machine

The cassava flour processing machine is a middle starch processing equipment designed to replace the family manual workshop by integrating the advantages of various starch processing equipment. The whole cassava flour making machine has excellent performance, compact structure, saves labor and time, and can complete the three processes of coarse crushing, fine refining, and automatic filtration and separation of pulp and residue at one time.

At the same time, it is suitable for processing potatoes such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, garri, fufu, and various tuber plants such as banana root, kudzu root, lily, yam, etc. It is an ideal equipment for farmers to process sweet potato, potato and other potato starch.

Processing of Cassava into Flour

Cassava block conveying→cassava cleaning→peeling machine→cassava crusher→pressing, filtering and dehydrating→screening→drying machine→fine grinding→cassava flour packaging.

1. Selected raw materials:

The quality of starch is related to the selection of raw materials. Cassava that is less than 10 months old has a low flour yield, and cassava that is more than 24 months old has been textured, which causes great difficulties for crushing and crushing, which makes the rate drop and accelerate. Large, both affect the benefit, requiring one step to put good raw materials into storage.

2. Conveying and cleaning:

The selected cassava is transported to the cleaning tank through the lifting device. The main purpose of cleaning is to remove weeds, small stones, sediment and other sundries in the cassava raw material, so as to ensure the normal operation of the follow-up work and the quality of the finished cassava starch.

3. Cassava Crushing:

Because the cassava root is very long and the part near the main pole has been lignified, it cannot be crushed without breaking it. The purpose of crushing is to make the crusher operate normally. Some factories do not have a crushing process, which increases the load on the pulverizer and reduces the use time. The second is to fully improve the starch yield and quality, and improve the starch yield.

4. Slurry separation:

The pulp and residue separation equipment is a fully automatic hydraulic press, which adopts the principle of hydraulic pressure, puts the crushed cassava pieces into the filter bag, puts the material in the filter bag, presses the filter belt, and leaves the material residue in the filter bag. The outflow of the outer barrel is collected; this hydraulic pressing method relies on a certain pressure to complete the screening, separate the pulp and residue, and achieve the purpose of extracting starch, which plays a certain role in the starch yield.

5. Dehydrated cassava grain crushing:

The cassava fiber tapioca starch is separated from the cassava pulp due to the high intensity pressure of the hydraulic press. The dehydrated cassava is in the shape of a round cake, which requires secondary crushing to separate the dehydrated cassava debris to facilitate post-drying processing.

6. Cassava grain drying

The cassava grain drying mainly adopts the planetary stirring pot for low-temperature dehydration. The special structural design and the stirring device can cover every corner of the pot body, so that the cassava grains do not stick to the pan, and the fried cassava grains have pure color and good taste.

7. Cassava / Tapioca grain milling:

The cassava tapioca grain mill uses a universal mill to cut, collide and grind the cassava grains in the middle of the toothed plate through the high-speed operation of the moving knife to achieve the crushing effect, and we can replace the screen with a suitable size according to customer needs to meet the needs of many customers. A fine degree of powder processing;

8. Cassava flour packaging:

The cassava flour packaging machine can realize the automatic measurement, weighing and stirring of cassava flour, and realize the mixed packaging of various powders. It has high precision, servo motor control, fast speed and high stability. Different sealing and cutting devices can be selected according to the bag style incision and texture;

Cassava Flour Processing Machine Youtube Video Testing

Cassava Flour Processing Plant Features

Cassava Flour Making Machine Features

Quality assurance, support processing customization;

It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for processing various potato starches, such as garri, fufu, potatoes, sweet potatoes ect;

304 food-grade stainless steel is used to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene during cassava processing, and this material is more durable, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust;

Cassava Flour Processing Machine Advantages

Cassava Flour Processing Machine Advantages

High starch/flour extraction rate;

High degree of automation, improve cassava processing efficiency;

Large processing capacity, strong processing capacity and long service life;

Advanced processing technology ensures that the finished starch/flour has high whiteness, fineness and good taste;

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