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Coconut Chips Making Machine Price


The coconut chips making machien price ranges from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands dollars, depending on whether you need to configure related coconut flakes processing equipment.

If it is a small-scale coconut flake drying operation, only a few thousand dollars of coconut flake electric dryer can meet the needs of coconut flake processing. Small-scale coconut chips processing workshops like this one face relatively fixed consumer groups, and the demand is not large. Coconut peeling and slicing are mainly done manually, so the coconut chips making machine price is not high.


If customers have a wider consumer group of coconut chips, they will not only face local direct consumers, but also various middlemen, supermarkets and other customer groups. Then it is necessary to have certain requirements for the continuity of the coconut chips making machine, and simple manual operation alone cannot meet the needs of customers. At this time, it is necessary to configure the coconut sheller, coconut slicer, coconut chips dryer, coconut chips packaging machine, etc.


According to the coconut chips that customers need to dry in each batch, we can configure different coconut chip dryers for customers, and the drying capacity of each batch of coconut chips varies from 100-1000kg. After the dried coconut chips are packaged, they are easier to store and more hygienic, which increases the market value of coconut chips.

Want to know the detailed price of coconut chips making machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online to get a free quotation for coconut chips making machine! !

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