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How To Process Moringa Leaves Into Powder


Make moringa leaves into powder is easy , the mainly processing includes moringa washing -dewatering-cutting-dehydrating-grinding ect.The details processing are as follows.

Firstly, you need to washing the fresh moringa leaves;

The moringa leafy washing machine make moringa leaves roll in the water, which can quickly remove dust, sand, insects and other impurities on the surface of the moringa leaves.

Secondly,de-watering the moringa leaves surface water;

After washing the moringa ,there remain many water on the moringa leafy surface.In order to fast remove the residual water droplets.We can equipment with moringa leafy de-watering machine.

Thirdly,cut them into short segments of equal length.

In order to dehydrating the moringa leafy more convenient,we'd better to cut the moringa branches with moringa leaves to the same length, which facilitates the uniform and good drying effect of the subsequent Moringa branches.

Thirdly, spread  moringa leaves evenly on the baking tray of the drying box for drying treatment.

We put cleaned and air-dried the neatly cut moringa branches evenly into the tray of the drying box, adjusted the drying temperature and drying time, and waited for the Moringa leaves to finish drying automatically.

Fourthly, after the moringa leaves is dehydrated, we put them into moringa powder making machine.

After the moringa leaves are dried, we take out the dried moringa leaves. And put the Moringa oleifera leaves into a flour mill for grinding. According to the requirements for the fineness of Moringa oleifera powder, the sieve of the corresponding mesh can be adjusted before grinding to ensure the quality of the ground Moringa oleifera powder.

Well .here is the complete processing moringa leaves into moringa powder.

Laste but not least,after you get the moringa powder, how will you to preserve them,don't worry, we also support the moringa powder filling machine.The moringa powder filling machine can packaging the moringa powder into sachet or any other form as you request.

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