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Plantain Flour Processing Machine In Nigeria


It can be seen from the map that Nigeria is located in the tropics and has abundant tropical rain forests. Plantain planting has a unique innate advantage here, so plantain processing has considerable influence on the country's economy. Plantain powder is usually used for Preparation of various delicacies in southwestern Nigeria, but due to the backward technology in the country and the lack of plantain flour processing machines, it is completely dependent on foreign imports.


Through the analysis of the above background, it can be seen that the market for plantain flour processing machines in Nigeria is very broad. Now let's introduce the whole set of plantain flour processing machine in detail. The whole set of flour processing mainly includes plantain cleaning, blanching, cooling, peeling, slicing, drying, grinding and other plantain processing processes. The following test video of plantain flour processing machine in our factory is for reference:

Nigerian customers can choose the corresponding plantain powder processing equipment according to the processing scale. Among them, the plantain dryer and the plantain mill are the core and basic equipment of the Nigerian plantain processing machine. Here are the highlights of the Punta Dryers and Mills:

Plantain chips dryign machine: The plantain dryer, also known as the heat pump dryer, is powered by electric energy, and there is no pollution emission during operation, which is in line with the national environmental protection policy; it adopts the static drying method of low temperature circulating air, and the dried banana The sheet has high integrity, natural color, uniform drying and stable quality. During the drying process of plantain, the temperature and humidity are intelligently regulated, and the drying process of plantain can be automatically dried without special personnel on duty, saving labor.

Dried plantain chips powder makign machine: The plantain pulverizer can pulverize the dried plantain flakes into 20-120 mesh plantain powder, and can be equipped with a dust collector according to customer needs to ensure plantain The cleanliness of the powder processing workshop.


The prepared plantain powder is recommended to be equipped with a plantain powder packaging machine, and the plantain powder is packaged before being sold to avoid various bacterial contamination caused by direct sales in the open market. And it can increase the selling price of plantain powder in the Nigerian market.

For Nigerian customers, we support customized solutions for plantain flour processing equipment. If you also want to start a plantain flour processing business in Nigeria, feel free to contact us online for a free quote! !

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