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Yam Drying Machine Power Consumption


The drying of yam now chooses yam dryer equipment, which has fast drying speed and high production efficiency. When we use yam dryer equipment, we often consider the problem of power consumption. Let's talk about the power consumption analysis of yam dryer equipment today.

The yam drying machine generally uses electricity as the heat source, and the power consumption of the family-style yam drying equipment should be analyzed separately according to different methods.

The yam drying machine can be divided into yam heat pump dryer and continuous mesh belt yam dryers in terms of size and type, and the power consumption of different drying types is different.

Introduction of power consumption of yam heat pump dryer:

The yam drying box/room is generally suitable for drying small and medium yam. The smaller yam drying box can dry 100 catties of yam [wet goods] at a time, and consumes one kilowatt of electricity per hour; the bigger one is the yam drying room, and the drying output ranges from several hundred catties to several thousand catties. All have. The heat pump power and heating tube power are different for different sizes, and the specific power consumption still needs to be consulted by the sales staff of the yam drying manufacturer. The power consumption of the yam drying box/room is relatively low, because it uses a closed space, which saves more energy.

Introduction of power consumption of continuous mesh belt yam dryer:

The continuous yam drying machine is also called the mesh belt type yam dryer. It adopts a mesh belt type drying structure, and the drying output is larger. The length of the oven ranges from 6 meters to 15 meters. It can also be carried out according to the customer's situation. Customized mesh belt layers and oven length. The larger the drying output, the greater the power consumption. The continuous yam drying machine generally has a drying output ranging from several tons to dozens of tons. The power consumption of the continuous yam drying machine has a great relationship with the drying output and drying process.

With the continuous enhancement of everyone's awareness of environmental protection, boilers and coal stoves have been eliminated in various places, so the new environmentally friendly yam drying equipment will be a development trend. Whether you use a drying room or a mesh belt dryer, it will be the general trend to choose an environmentally friendly and energy-saving yam drying equipment. Therefore, when we choose, we must comprehensively consider the output, energy saving, power consumption, etc., and choose the drying equipment that suits us.

The above is the introduction of power consumption analysis of yam drying machine, I hope it can help you.

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