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Dragon Fruits Dehydrating Technology

Dragon fruits processing machine can dry fresh dragon fruit into dragon fruit slices/flakes. The dried dragon fruit has a special fragrance of dragon fruit, the dried dragon fruits chips are complete, the water content does not exceed 12%, and the natural color is maintained. The dried dragon fruit slices can be eaten as scented tea or snacks. It scientifically and effectively prolongs the shelf life of dragon fruit and can effectively help dragon fruit growers obtain more market value. It is very popular in areas rich in dragon fruit such as South America!!

Dragon Fruits Processing

Dried dragon fruit production and drying process: fruit selection→cleaning→slicing→drying→softening→packaging


Dragon fruit selection: Choose fresh dragon fruit with hard skin, about seven to eight years of maturity, no rot, no deterioration, and high powdered sugar.

Dragon fruit cleaning: Put the dragon fruit into the cleaning pool and clean the skin thoroughly. Put the cleaned dragon fruit into a 10mg/kg hypochlorous acid solution and soak for 5-10 minutes to eliminate microorganisms on the surface of the dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit slicing: Remove the thorns on the pitaya peel, and then cut into thin slices, about 0.3-0.5cm thick.

Dragon fruits drying: Spread the dragon fruit slices one by one on the baking tray, insert the baking tray into the material rack, push the material rack into the drying room, and start the drying process.

The drying parameters are set as follows:

Drying stage 1: The temperature of the drying room is set at 65°C, the drying time is about 3 hours, the humidity is set at 40%RH, the system working mode is "drying + dehumidification"; the dehumidification mode is strong dehumidification, continuous dehumidification .

Drying stage 2: The temperature of the drying room is set to 60°C, the humidity is set to 30%RH, and the drying time is about 5 hours;

Drying stage 3: The temperature of the drying room is reduced to 55°C, the drying time is set to 3 hours, the humidity is set to 25%RH, and the humidity is strengthened;

Drying stage 4: The temperature of the drying room is set at 50°C, the humidity is set at 15%RH, and the drying time is about 2-4 hours.

Dried dragon fruits packaging: Dried dragon fruit can be packaged after softening. It is recommended to use a plastic composite film bag that meets food hygiene requirements for packaging, which not only prevents oxidation and microbial reproduction, but also prevents heavy pressure from affecting product quality.

Dragon Fruits Dehydrating Machine Features

As a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly drying equipment, the dragon fruit heat pump dryer has the following features:

1. Long service life and low maintenance cost.

2. Flexible and convenient installation and disassembly: installation and disassembly are not limited by space, and you can choose freely indoors and outdoors!

3. Customized according to the characteristics of high water content and easy damage of dragon fruit, the dried fruit slices are good in appearance and rich in aroma.

4. High degree of automation and intelligence: the whole operation adopts a self-controlled constant temperature device, and the drying operation is continuous for 24 hours.

5. Adopt multi-temperature zone layered temperature control: the speed is adjustable, automatic control, and the internal nutrients of dragon fruit are retained to the greatest extent.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with coal, oil and gas, it can save about 75% of operating costs. No combustion and emissions are produced during operation.

7. The operation process is safe and secure: the entire operation system has no dangers of flammability, explosion, poisoning, etc. that may exist in traditional dryers (oil, gas or electric heating), and is a safe and reliable semi-closed drying system.

Dried Dragon Fruits Advantages

Dragon fruit gets its name from its resemblance to an angry red fireball. The pulp inside is like sweet cream, but covered with small black seeds. Mild in texture and fragrant in taste. Fruit, oblong or oval, with red skin, fleshy, with ovate scales with acute tip, fruit length 10-12 cm, thick peel, waxy. The flower is white, the huge ovary is inferior, and the flower is about 30 cm long, so it is also called the overlord flower.


Dragon fruit not only tastes sweet, but also has high nutritional value. It combines the advantages of fruits, flower buds, vegetables, and medicine. Not only is it rich in nutrition and unique in function, it has few pests and diseases, and it can grow normally without using any pesticides. Therefore, dragon fruit is a kind of green, environmental protection fruit and the health-care nutritious food with certain curative effect. The pulp of dragon fruit contains almost no fructose and sucrose, and the main sugar is glucose. This kind of natural glucose is easy to absorb and is suitable for consumption after exercise.

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