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Ginger Flake Processing Line Technology


Ginger flake processing line also called ginger dehydration plant ,dehydrated ginger slice production line, ginger slice dehydration equipment, It can produces high-quality dehydrated ginger slices through the cleaning, cutting, drying and screening process of ginger. The drying simulates the principle of natural air drying, and the appearance and color are neat after a short time. Natural, pure-tasting ginger slices can be eaten or used as food raw and auxiliary materials. Dehydrated ginger slices are good for rehydration, can be eaten all year round, and are convenient for storage.

Ginger Flake Dehydration Plant Processing

The ginger flakes dehydration plant mainly include :fresh ginger washing and peeling→ginger slicing→sliced ginger dehydrating→dehydrated ginger flakes packing ect.


Ginger bubble washing machine and brush peeling machine: used to clean the mud, dust and other impurities attached to the surface of the ginger root, and remove the ginger skin.

Ginger (or other fruits and vegetables) is manually (or lifted) into the water tank, and under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles, it is rolled, washed, and transported. The whole ginger cleaning machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, with high cleanliness, can keep the original sand sinking into the bottom isolation bin, and will not overturn and cause re-pollution. The washed fresh ginger is sprayed and cleaned after being discharged, and then sent to the next process. The machine comes with a water circulation system, and the water consumption is low. Processes such as cleaning, removing foreign matter and cooling can be carried out continuously.

Brush type ginger peeling washing machine: It used to clean and remove the epidermis. The ginger peeling machine adopts the special design of spiral feeding structure to realize fully automatic work. Equipped with multiple hair rollers to rotate and scrub together, and the upper part is equipped with a spray device to achieve the deep cleaning and peeling function of the ginger.

Ginger air-drying machine: The ginger is repeatedly turned through the mesh belt transmission to achieve the uniformity of the ginger slices. It can effectively remove the surface moisture of the ginger slices after cleaning and peeling, which greatly shortens the drying cycle. It is suitable for ginger slices assembly line operation and improves the production of fresh ginger processing enterprises. degree of automation.

The fresh ginger slicer is easy to operate and has high output. The cut ginger slices are uniform in thickness, smooth and adjustable in thickness, and are not broken. It can cut ginger, garlic, potatoes, taro balls, tablets, mangosteen shoots and other solid vegetables processing. It is an advanced multi-functional slicing processing equipment.

The large-scale multi-layer belt dryer adopts multi-layer movable stainless steel mesh belt, which automatically feeds and discharges materials, saving a lot of labor costs. The processed ginger slices are conveyed by a multi-layer stainless steel mesh belt, and the hot air passes through the mesh belt and the material layer from bottom to top, and is turned over in a multi-layer cycle in the dryer, and dried layer by layer to achieve the purpose of drying. According to the different moisture content of the material, the amount of induced draft fan, the running speed of the mesh belt, and the temperature in the dryer can be adjusted through the electronic control system to ensure the drying effect and maximize the efficiency.

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Ginger Flake Processing Line Advantages

Ginger Flake Dehydrations Advantages


Ginger is rich in nutrients and contains some special substances. It has a wide range of uses and is mainly divided into the following aspects:

(1) As a seasoning vegetable, ginger contains gingerol (C7H260 wool), gingerone (C, HI4O3), gingerol (C17H24013) and gingerol (C15H260), etc., so it has a special spicy taste and is used as a seasoning Fresh vegetables are consumed by urban and rural residents throughout the year and become the main way for ginger consumption.

(2) As a component of Chinese medicine, in Chinese medicine, ginger, shallot, garlic, swallow and leeks are called five pungent. Ginger has medicinal names such as ginger, dried ginger, white ginger, black ginger (pao ginger), Sichuan ginger, and Jun ginger. Ginger and dried ginger are pungent and non-toxic; black ginger is bitter and hot in nature. The main effect is clinically commonly used for typhoid fever, headache, nasal congestion, vomiting, coughing, and it can also promote stomach qi and remove cold air in the stomach. Dry ginger emphasizes the treatment of the spleen: Black ginger is mostly used to improve the yang, remove the viscera, sink cold, cold tumors, cause coldness in the meridians, and treat abdominal pain from cold. The ginger tastes pungent and the pungent is the main ingredient, so it can dissolve the wind and cold.

(3) In addition, it can be used to extract gingerone and gingerol in industry, and it is one of the raw materials in the chemical industry. Ginger can be made into processed products such as sugar ginger, vinegar ginger, and ginger with excellent flavor. At the same time, ginger is also an indispensable condiment for canned food and has a wide range of uses in the food industry.

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