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How To Make Garlic Powder


If you want to start the garlic powder business, you first need a set of professional garlic powder making machine. The machine to make garlic powder depends on the state of the garlic you use for garlic powder making, whether it is fresh garlic or peeled and cleaned garlic.

If your raw material is stale garlic, then you also need to configure the corresponding garlic cloves, peeling, washing, and air-drying pre-processing equipment to obtain clean garlic for the production of garlic powder. If your budget is limited, you can also buy processed garlic directly from the market for subsequent processing.

How to make garlic powder?

1. Lay the garlic rice flat on the pan, and then put the baking pan into the baking room to bake. The drying room needs to be kept at a constant temperature of about 50°C for about 5 hours. (If the final product is garlic slices, an additional garlic slicer is required to cut the garlic particles into 2mm thickness, and then dry them.)

2. The dried garlic granules are sent to the universal pulverizer through the lifting device for pulverization. The crushed mesh can be adjusted according to the requirements of the final fineness of garlic powder by changing the corresponding screen.

3. In order to better preserve the garlic powder, extend the shelf life, and improve the cleanliness of the appearance. We usually configure a garlic powder packaging machine. It can automatically track the color code, complete the garlic powder bag measurement, filling, sealing, printing, cutting, conveying and other processes.

Do you want to start a garlic powder business? If you want to get the garlic powder making machine price and more professional questions about garlic powder making, please feel free to contact us online!!

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