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Ginger Processing Machine Cases In Nicaragua


Our client is from Nicaragua, Central America, the client is in the business of spice processing and wants to build a processing line for ginger TBC (tea bag dicing), which is basically chopped dried ginger with a particle size of N°14 and N°60 between sieves.

The customer learned that we can provide this kind of equipment through the website, and according to the customer's needs, our customer configured the ginger chunk coarse crusher. In addition, a ginger washing and peeling machine was configured for the customer. The customer currently has slice drying equipment. Through in-depth communication with the customer, the customer told us that they also need to introduce cardamom grinding machine and screening equipment.

Here is our ginger powder production line testing youtube video for your reference!!

The reasons why customers choose to cooperate with us are as follows:

1. We have many years of industry experience and can provide customized processing solutions according to the specific needs of customers;

2. We are the source factory, save the middleman to earn the price difference, and support third-party factory inspection services;

3. We have our own process laboratory, which can provide process verification according to customer needs to ensure that the later operation of the equipment meets the customer's process needs;

4. We have professional product engineers who can provide equipment on-site installation services and help customers with worker training;

If you also plan to start ginger processing business, please feel free to leave a message with us online to get a detailed quotation for ginger processing!!

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