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Cassava Drying Process


Before cassava is dried, it needs to be peeled and sliced, and then set a suitable drying temperature to ensure a good drying effect of cassava.

Process steps of cassava processing

Clean the selected cassava slices and slice them with a slicer. Pay attention to the thickness of the slices, which should be controlled within 4 mm. This can increase the internal water evaporation area of the cassava and reduce the drying time of the cassava. Place the sliced cassava chips evenly on the shelf of the stainless steel material cart, and keep them uniform when placing them. The thickness of the cassava chips should not exceed 3 cm.

Here is the cassava flour processing machine youtube video for your reference!!

Cassava drying process

Push the material trolley containing cassava into the drying room. Be careful not to set the drying temperature of the cassava too high. It can be divided into multiple zones and the drying time can be increased at a uniform speed. Two hours before the operation of the equipment, it can be set to only dry Dry or not. After the relative humidity in the drying room increases to 80%, the drying and dehumidification treatment will start. After about 20 hours of continuous drying, the cassava is dehydrated to about 15%, and the material truck is pushed out of the drying room. The inside color of the cassava chips is white and slightly yellow, and it is hard to hold, indicating that the cassava has been dried up.

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