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Black Edible Tree Fungus Drying Process


There are two types of fungus: white fungus and black edible tree fungus in terms of color, and there are two types of wild and artificial cultivation in terms of breeding. Most of the products sold in the market are artificially cultivated, wild black fungus is rare and rare, and Changbai Mountain black fungus is the most famous. Black fungus is shaped like an ear. It is a fungus that lives on dead wood. It is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B1.

Black Edible Tree Fungus drying process

After placing the black edible tree fungus layer by layer evenly on the tray, put them in a stainless steel material cart and push them into the drying room. The temperature for drying the black edible tree fungus should start from 35°C. If the temperature is too high, the moisture removal will not keep up, which will easily cause the black edible tree fungus to deform.

After drying at 35°C-40°C for 4 hours, it can be properly raised to 45°C-50°C for another 5 hours, the highest should not exceed 60°C, and then dried at 45°C-50°C until dry. The entire drying process takes 10-14 hours. The dried black edible tree fungus has uniform dryness, no sticking, and a complete flower shape.

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