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Industrial Chilli Powder Processing


The chili powder production line includes processes such as removing impurities, removing seeds, drying, grinding, granulating, and quantitative packaging. This set of equipment is the most advanced equipment for processing chili, and has been successfully applied to the production line of edible chili powder.

The industrial chilli powder processing is as follows:

1. Impurity removal: The pepper stone removal machine is used to remove impurities such as stones in the pepper, which has the characteristics of easy operation and high output.

2. Iron removal: The equipment used in this process is an automatic iron removal machine, which has a 10500 Gauss strong magnet and uses pneumatic methods to remove chili powder and iron powder in the chili section.

3. Seed removal: The pepper seed removal machine is mainly used for the separation of pepper pulp and pepper seeds. It can process 1000kg-2000kg per hour. It is a special equipment for pepper deep processing.

4. Drying: use a belt dryer to dry the fresh peppers to facilitate the subsequent processes.

5. Grinding: The double-rotor pepper grinder is used to make the pepper into fine powder, which has high output, low power consumption, and is clean and hygienic.

6. Granulation: High-quality granulation system, continuous operation and automatic discharge.

7. Quantitative packaging: bag qualified chili powder or chili granules, weigh and seal.

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