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Dried Mango Production Process


After years of industry experience, through our dried mango production process, the processed dried mango has a good color, is not easy to brown, and has a long storage time.

Eating mango has the effect of benefiting the stomach, quenching thirst, and diuretic, which can lower cholesterol, protect eyesight, dispel diseases and relieve cough, and moisturize the skin. However, the processing technology of mango is complicated in the preparation process, and it is prone to browning.

1. Raw material requirements

Ripe fresh mangoes such as Luzon Mango or Zihua Mango are suitable for processing and have good color. The first is that the meat is hypertrophic to improve the yield.

2. Peel and slice

Since the skin and core part accounts for about 50%, and the fleshy part that can be used only accounts for half, how to improve the yield and reduce the cost is a very important issue.

3. Color protection: put the mango slices in the color protection hardening solution, soak for 1-2h;

4. Blanching: Put the mango slices after color protection into boiling water and blanching for 1-2min;

5. Sugaring: add the mango slices and sugar solution into the reactor, vacuumize, and the sugar solution includes the following ingredients in mass percentage: l-arabinose 3-5%, glucose 6-10%, sucrose 15-20% %, salt 0.1-0.3%, the balance is water, soak for 4-6h, then add the mixed sugar of glucose and sucrose to adjust the concentration of sugar liquid, increase 7-10% each time until 65-70%, after each adjustment of sugar content Vacuum impregnation for 3-5h;

4. Dry

Take the mango slices out of the sugar solution and dry them at 60-70°C to reduce their water content to 16%. If there is a vacuum drying equipment, the drying time will be shortened and the color will be better.

5. Packaging

Small package of 100 grams per bag. 6. The yield is about 28%~30% in pulp.

Mango is one of the famous tropical fruits. The fruit is oval and smooth, the peel is lemon yellow, the flesh is delicate and the smell is sweet. The nutritional value of mango is very high, soluble solids are 14%-24.8%, sugar content is 11%-19%, protein is 0.65%-1.31%, and every 100 grams of pulp contains 2281-6304 micrograms of carotene, which is rich in essential nutrients for the human body. The trace elements selenium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other elements are also rich in vitamins a and c.

Dried mangoes produced by the above-mentioned dried mango processing technology are not as capable of retaining the above-mentioned rich nutrients of mangoes, and dried mangoes are easier to preserve than fresh mangoes and can be eaten all year round. If you have any questions about dried mango processing, please feel free to contact us online to get a free quote for dried mango processing machine! !

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