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Dry Fig Fruits Making Process


Fig heat pump dryer, it is a special equipment to dry our figs, this kind of equipment does not need to be done like traditional drying equipment when drying. It is necessary to burn the material to increase the heat. Instead, we use our compressor to compress the air in the outside world, and then turn it into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and then release the heat on our gas-specific condenser to dry our figs , and this cycle is the drying principle of the heat pump fig dryer machine drying.

Fig dryer machine drying temperature

Fig dryer equipment, its drying range is about 80 ℃, this temperature drying range can meet our daily common material drying, such as fruit and vegetable drying, fruit and vegetable drying, the drying temperature used It is not too high, so the temperature of our heat pump dryer equipment 80 ℃ can meet the drying needs.

Fig drying process steps

If we use figs for drying, in the drying society, we need to dry in stages, including our preheat drying stage, constant temperature drying stage, and end drying stage.

Color-fixing and drying stage: This stage is mainly to set our color. After we put our figs on the tray, we drive our heat pump dryer equipment, and the drying temperature is controlled at about 65~70°C. Dry for about 4 hours and control the humidity at about 60%.

Dehumidification drying stage: This stage is lower than the drying temperature of the previous stage, controlled at about 55 ℃, but the drying time is longer, controlled at 15 hours, and it is necessary to discharge the drying in this stage. wet processed.

Drying stage - set the temperature to 40°C again, the humidity to 25%, and the drying time to 10 hours until it is dry. Note: fig drying needs to maintain a specific humidity to ensure the delicious taste.

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