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Banana Drying Process


Banana drying machine also called banana heat pump dryer , it is a device that uses the heat of the outside air to heat and dry, using our evaporator to absorb the heat in the air in the outside world, and then pass it to the compressor for drying. It is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, and then our gas is released through the condenser to release heat to dry our bananas. This cycle is the principle of our banana dryer equipment drying.

How to dry bananas

So how does it dry using our heat pump dryer? Let's take a look below. The heat pump is only our heat source. If it needs to be dried, then we need to install our baking room before drying, or it is our small dryer equipment, which is There is no need to install a baking room, and the small ones are generally box-type all-in-one machines, which can be dried directly by placing them on the tray.

Banana drying process

So if the above two drying methods are used, how do we dry our bananas?

1. Cutting: When we cut bananas, don't cut our bananas too thick, if it is too thick, it will affect the efficiency of our drying.

2. Set the drying stage temperature: The drying method we use when drying bananas is to dry in stages, including our preheating stage, heating stage, constant temperature stage, and drying end stage, such as our The preheating stage can be dried at about 40°C for about 3 hours, and the drying temperature in the heating stage is 50°C. The reason for this setting is that we do not need our personnel to guard the banana dryer equipment during drying, which saves us manpower and material resources.

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