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Ginger Powder Manufacturing Business


The ginger powder manufacturing business is currently a relatively profitable project. The ginger powder manufactured by professional ginger powder processing equipment is delicate, free of ginger shreds, no impurities, and no additives. Additives in toiletries can even be used to soak your feet for health benefits such as removing cold in the body. It is the best investment plan for your ginger deep processing business! !

What are the features of ginger powder processing technology?


01Reliable quality

Select fresh vegetables and process the raw materials after screening, the quality is reliable;


Professional craftsmanship

Drying adopts box-type stainless steel hot air dryer, scientifically set temperature and time to preserve the freshness of the original ingredients;

03 Retain the color

Strictly select the good and the bad before dehydration, screen out the pests, rotten and dry parts, and then carry out dehydration treatment;

04 Light and fast

Fine powder, light weight, convenient to eat, easy to store and transport;

Here is the ginger powder production line testing in our factory for your reference!!  

The ginger processed through the above layers of processes has a bright pink color and a shelf life of up to 12 months, helping ginger farmers to obtain greater economic value and reducing the risk of slow sales of ginger as a seasonal vegetable. If you want to know more about ginger powder processing business, please feel free to leave a message online with us, we will provide you with free factory design and customized ginger powder processing solutions according to your specific needs! !

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