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How To Dry Wolfberry


In the process of drying wolfberry, the biggest problem is to remove moisture and disperse water. Due to its large amount of water, during the drying process, if you are not careful, the accumulation and bonding of wolfberry will cause mildew and blackening. Therefore, in the drying process of traditional wolfberry, a large amount of artificial and paving area is required for high-frequency roasting, in order to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and reduce the yield. However, frequent sun exposure can easily lead to secondary pollution of wolfberry, so most of the wolfberry sold on the market have a small amount of black and scorched non-good products, which not only reduces the quality of wolfberry, but also affects consumers' consumption experience , has become the most troublesome problem for upstream manufacturers of wolfberry.

 The large-scale planting of wolfberry parks, due to the excessive concentration of the area and the large amount of daily harvest, cannot have a large area of the park for drying wolfberry. It also fails to meet the pollution-free health indicators. The preservation time of freshly harvested wolfberry is short, generally only two or three days. Therefore, the primary problem encountered during processing is the problem of dehydration and quality assurance.

 Goji berry drying process:

First, lay the wolfberry flat on the special plate, divide it into 11-12 layers, and the interval between each layer is about 14-15 cm. Place it in the drying room of the wolfberry dryer and dry it in two stages.

Then adjust the temperature of the wolfberry dryer to between 42-48°C, dry for 24-36 hours, and wait until some fruits appear partial shrinkage wrinkles;

Then raise the temperature to between 50-55°C and dry for about 24 hours, then the drying process can be completed.

The drying process will remove about 75% of the moisture of the wolfberry, and the actual quality of the material is about 25%.

The heat pump type wolfberry dryer greatly reduces the pollution to the environment, improves the production efficiency and the added value of the product, and the dried wolfberry has a good color and lustre, which breaks the influence of uncertain factors caused by the traditional method. The wolfberry dryer developed by us has a professional and independent research and development of air distribution system, which ensures the uniformity of wind speed and heat, and makes the wolfberry dry quickly, without loss, without peculiar smell, and in good condition.

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