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How To Dry Grapes / Raisins


Raisins can promote human health, and the nutrients contained in raisins are even more amazing to nutritionists. If you consume 400 calories of raisins every day, you can effectively reduce blood cholesterol and suppress bad cholesterol in the blood. oxidation.

Grape dryer drying time: 5-6 days (3 horses dehumidification)

The first stage: the first day: put the selected grapes into the grape dryer after simple treatment, the temperature is adjusted to 48-55 degrees, and cannot exceed 55 degrees. -25%.

The second stage: the second day: set to 50 degrees, humidity 20% continuous operation.

The third stage: set 55 degrees to dry all the time, humidity 20%, and dry until the sixth day to complete

After finishing, the grapes are too hard or too dry and need to be softened for 2-3 days, packaged and sealed after the sun glass is put down to soften naturally.

The traditional drying method is to directly expose to the sun to dry. The water content of raisins is only 15-25%, and its fructose content is as high as 60%, so it is very sweet and can be stored for a long time. However, the traditional drying process is easy to cause the raisins to be sour, the color is not good, the drying is uneven, and the sugar is easy to distribute.

The heat pump grape dryer has a professional self-developed air distribution system to ensure uniform wind speed and heat, fast drying speed of grapes, no loss, uniform color and good appearance. Grape dryer-dried grapes are relatively rich in potassium and iron. Dried red raisins and dried blackcurrants have very good health effects when eaten with the skins.

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