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How To Start Plantain Flour Business


To start plantain flour business, you first need to ensure sufficient supply of raw materials, preferably in the origin of bananas, it can save material transportation costs and effectively convert the economic losses caused by unsalable local bananas to banana farmers or farmers.


First, you need to apply for government approval for land use. If the project is supported by the local government policy and belongs to the government project, then the approval of the land for the banana flour factory, including subsequent bank loans, will be much easier.

Second, the buliding the plantain flour factory. After applying for government approval for land use, it is necessary to carry out building construction for the factory, such as water, electricity, sewers, and ground hardening in the factory.

Finally, the most important thing is to choose a professional banana plantain flour processing equipment manufacturer, it directly determines whether the banana powder processing plant can operate smoothly and normally, as well as the quality of the finished banana powder /plantain flour produced. We can design the layout of the banana flour factory for you free of charge according to your plant drawings to ensure that the space of your banana flour processing plant can be used reasonably and the equipment layout is scientific and reasonable.


To start the banana powder plantain flour business, it is recommended to compare several suppliers. As a professional manufacturer of banana powder processing equipment, we have the following advantages:

We have more than 10 years of industry experience, support customized solutions for banana powder processing equipment, and support the process verification of banana powder. Our company's professional ability and factory processing and manufacturing strength have been highly recognized by the world-renowned banana processor Dole. The banana powder processing process provided by our company mainly includes: banana cleaning, banana blanching, banana peeling, banana slicing, banana chip dehydration (the moisture content of dehydrated banana chips can be determined according to customer needs), dehydrated banana chip grinding ( It supports different fineness of banana powder, it can be achieved by changing different screens) .The following is the factory test video of our company’s banana powder production line for reference:


If you want to start a banana powder business, we can provide you with more technical support and detailed and thoughtful consultation, and provide you with free quotations for banana powder processing equipment according to your needs. Welcome to leave a message with us online! !

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