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Moringa Leaf Powder Manufacturing Process


The moringa leaf powder manufacturing process mainly includes three processing techniques of cleaning Moringa oleifera leaves, dehydrating Moringa oleifera leaves, and grinding the dehydrated Moringa leaves.

Moringa Leaf Cleansing:

The cleaning of Moringa leaves includes the selection of Moringa oleifera, picking out yellow leaves, leaves with worm eyes on rotten leaves, and then improving the quality of Moringa oleifera leaves after processing. After picking, the moringa leaves are cleaned with bubbles to remove dust, bacteria and other impurities on the surface of moringa leaves. After cleaning, the residual water droplets on the surface of Moringa leaves are quickly dried at room temperature through an air knife air dryer.


Moringa Leaf Dehydration:

Put the cleaned Moringa leaves in a tray and dry. According to the requirements for the quality grade of finished products of Moringa leaves, some customers will manually remove the branches of Moringa while placing the plate, leaving only Moringa leaves; if the quality requirements of the finished products are not so high, the leaves are placed in a tray.

Here is our moringa leaf powder processing machine youtube video testing in our factory for your reference!!  

Moringa Leaf Powdering:

The last process of manufacturing Moringa leaf powder is to grind the dehydrated Moringa leaves, and the grinding fineness of Moringa leaves can be adjusted by replacing different screens, and the grinding fineness of Moringa leaves is 20-120. between the numbers. In order to meet the requirements of the dust-free workshop, we can also configure a dust collection device to avoid dust flying during the grinding process of Moringa oleifera leaves.

Do you have any other questions about the manufacturing process of Moringa leaf powder? If you want to engage in moringa leaf powder manufacturing business, please feel free to leave a message online with us to get a free quotation for moringa leaf powder processing machine! !

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