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Moringa Leaves Drying Process In Factory


The moringa leaves drying process includes placing the moringa leaves into the tray, pushing the trolley filled with the moringa leaves tray into the heat pump drying room, and setting the temperature in stages. The temperature of the first stage is controlled at 35℃-40℃. The temperature of the second stage is 45℃, and the temperature of the third stage is controlled at 50℃-55℃. After drying for 6-8 hours, the moisture content of Moringa oleifera leaves is 10%, which is convenient for subsequent milling operations and can retain the nutrients of Moringa oleifera leaves to the greatest extent.


(1) Send the fresh Moringa leaves to the heat pump drying equipment tray, apply artificial cloth, and spread the Moringa leaves on the conveyor belt of the heat pump drying equipment;

(2) Push the cart filled with moringa leaf trays into the box of the heat pump drying equipment, use the heat pump to dry, and at the same time, use the exhaust fan to exhaust the moisture in the drying room of the heat pump drying equipment; to be dried; When the moisture content of Moringa leaves is 10%, the material is discharged, and the material temperature is 45-55℃;


(3) The Moringa leaves processed in step (2) are sent to an ultrafine pulverizer for pulverization, and then the materials obtained after pulverization are inspected and packaged to obtain a dried Moringa oleifera leaf product.

The Moringa leaf method has short drying time, simple process and high efficiency. After drying, the color of the finished Moringa leaves is basically unchanged, the color is pure, the nutritional active ingredients are less damaged, and the obtained moringa leaves powder has high nutritional quality.

We provide Moringa leaves heat pump drying method and step control, and provide various types of drying equipment selection and quotation according to your specific needs. If you want to develop Moringa leaf drying business, please feel free to leave a message with us at any time!

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