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How Much Does Pepper Drying Machine Cost


The chili pepper drying machine cost ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In order to store the peppers, we need to dry the fresh peppers. When we choose the pepper drying machine, we will often pay attention to the drying of the peppers. The quality and price of the machine, how much does the pepper drying machine cost, and the price of a pepper drying machine? Based on our years of industry experience, we have summarized several factors that affect the price of pepper dryers.


1. The relationship between the output size and the price of the pepper drying machine. As a new type of pepper drying equipment, its most basic function is to dry the peppers quickly, so how much pepper is produced in a day, or how much pepper should be dried in a day The pepper, this is also to be considered when buying a pepper dryer, to avoid overcapacity or meet the demand for daily output after the dryer is bought. Therefore, the output of the pepper dryer directly affects the price of the machine.

2. The relationship between the model size and price of the pepper drying machine. Some of our customers are large pepper processing plants, some are production cooperatives, and some are family workshops. When we buy pepper dryers, You must make a reasonable choice based on your own output and the future scale of development. There is a 6P pepper drying room for small production. Each batch can store about 500KG of fresh pepper, 12P pepper drying room, and each batch can store about 1 ton of fresh pepper. . According to the needs of output, you can also design a large mesh belt type pepper dryer, generally 6 meters, 7 meters, 8 meters, 9 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, etc., and the price is different for different machine sizes.


3. The relationship between the quality of the material of the pepper drying machi and the price. The main part of the pepper dryer is the drying box. Now the commonly used materials are: baking varnish, polyurethane insulation board, color steel, stainless steel, etc., stainless steel is better in heat preservation and high temperature corrosion resistance, drying Better results. Therefore, the choice of different dryer materials will also affect the price of the pepper dryer.

The above are a few issues that we should consider when choosing a pepper dryer, and also several major factors that affect the pepper drying machine cost. Only by clarifying these issues, I believe you will probably know the peppers you want. The price of the dryer. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to choose a pepper dryer. If you also want to start a pepper drying business, please feel free to leave a message with us online and get a free quotation for the pepper drying and powder processing solution.

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