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Cassava Drying Machine Price In Nigeria


Nigeria is rich in cassava, and the price of cassava drying machine in Nigeria generally ranges from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The market prospect of cassava drying business in Nigeria is broad, and the dried cassava is easier to preserve and can be eaten all year round.

The cassava drying business in Nigeria mainly depends on the size of the processing capacity. We will configure different types of cassava dryers according to the different processing capacity. According to the needs of customers, our dryers support cassava drying of 100-1000kg per batch, and multiple dryers can also be configured to dry cassava according to the customer's processing capacity.

The price of cassava drying machine is not only affected by the processing capacity, but also by whether cassava pre-processing equipment is needed. It mainly depends on the customer's demand for the quality of the finished dehydrated cassava chips, and configures corresponding cassava cleaning, peeling, slicing and other equipment. And we also provide cassava chip grinding and packaging equipment, which can be selected according to customer needs. These are the factors that affect the price of cassava drying machine.

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