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Mustard Drying Process


How does the mustard dryer dry mustard? How to dry? It is a headache for many farmers. Let's share the drying process steps and requirements of the mustard dryer.

Mustard drying process

During the drying process, a large amount of heat is absorbed from the air energy drying room, partly used for raising the temperature of the mustard, and partly used for the migration and evaporation of water in the mustard. The air can continuously transfer heat to the mustard, and the process of evaporating and taking away the mustard water is the continuous drying process. This process is divided into two stages: the heating stage and the drying stage.

The initial stage of mustard drying is heating, and the temperature should be advisable with 40°C--50°C. First, the water on the surface of the mustard absorbs energy and turns into water vapor, and then evaporates in large quantities. This is also called the external diffusion of mustard water, and its diffusion speed has a certain relationship with the surface area of mustard, air velocity, temperature and relative humidity of the air.

When the mustard temperature rises to the wet bulb temperature of the air energy, when all the heat absorbed from the air energy is used to evaporate water, the drying speed remains constant at this time, and enters the second stage of drying, in which most of the mustard is evaporated moisture is free water. Most of the free water and colloidal bound water are removed during the drying process, and the evaporation rate of the water in the mustard depends not entirely on the temperature of the drying air, but on the humidity of the air. The lower the relative humidity, the faster the water will migrate and evaporate. Make the temperature rise gradually, and the moisture content reach an equilibrium moisture content. When the dry moisture content of the mustard is about 15%, stop the evaporation of water, and the drying is completed.

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