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Dried Potato Chips Processing Technology

dried-potato-chips-production-line.jpgThe dried potato chip production line is a drying equipment developed according to the drying characteristics of potato chips. It adopts heat pump drying technology. Through accurate detection and control of the humidity in the drying room, the evaporation of water in the potato chips is adjusted, thereby shortening the drying cycle and realizing potatoes. The consistency of the water content inside and outside the slice and the optimization of the inside and outside quality are high-quality equipment suitable for the drying and processing of potato slices.

Dried Potato Chips Manufacturing Process

Potato chips drying process: Potaot washing→potato peeling→potato slicing→potato chips blaching→potato chips placing→potato chips drying→dried potato chip packing.


Potato Washing & Peeing: Choose high-quality beans with smooth skin, no dry scars, no blisters, no teeth, no damage, and uniform hypertrophy; they must not rot or deteriorate. The potatoes are lifted to the brush cleaning and peeling machine to wash off the dirt on the surface of the potatoes, and the thin skin on the surface of the potatoes is rubbed by the hair roller.

Potato Slicing: The potato slices are cut into thin slices by a slicer. The potato slices should not be cut too thick, because the smaller the slice thickness, the shorter the drying time and the better the appearance quality of the potato slices. As the slice thickness increases, the rehydration ratio decreases. Because the slice thickness increases, the more starch accumulates on the surface during the drying process, it will become compacted after gelatinization, and the structure will be dense. The dry product is not easy to absorb water. Therefore, it is recommended to cut the potato chips by 5-7mm. After the potato chips are cut, they should be placed in a clear water tank in time to prevent oxidation and discoloration.

Potato Chips Blanching: The cleaned and peeled potato chips are transported to the continuous blanching machine for blanching treatment. Put the potatoes in hot water at 90 degrees and blanch for 2 minutes, remove them and cool them in clean water, and drain the surface water.

Potaot chips drying:Put the drained potato chips evenly on the stainless steel mesh tray without stacking them. Put the mesh trays in the trolley layer by layer, push the trolley into the drying room, power on the potato slice dryer, and find the heat pump dryer control , Select the drying mode, set the main parameters such as the baking temperature, baking time, relative humidity of the drying room, drying time, drying return temperature, dehumidification time, etc., close the drying room door tightly, and press Controller start button. At this time, the potato chip dryer is working to deliver hot air to the drying room. The entire drying process of potato chips is mainly completed in four stages:

The first stage:Select drying + dehumidification mode, set the baking temperature to 40°C, the relative humidity of the drying room is 60%, the return temperature is 3'C, and the drying lasts for 2 hours;

The second stage: select the drying + dehumidification mode, the baking temperature is set to 50 °C, the relative humidity of the drying room is 40%, the return temperature is 3 °C, and the drying continues for 3 hours;

The third stage: select the drying + dehumidification mode, the baking temperature is set to 60 °C, the relative humidity of the drying room is 20%, the return temperature is 3 °C, and the drying continues for 5 hours;

The fourth stage: select the drying + dehumidification mode, the baking temperature is set to 70°C, the relative humidity of the drying room is 15%, the return temperature is 3°C, and the drying continues for 8 hours; at this time, the water content of the potato chips drops to 10 % Below, the batch drying is completed.

Dried potato chips packaging: The potato chips after being dried should be packaged with multi-head weigher packaging in time, and stored in a cool and dry place.

Dried Potato Chips Production Line Features

1. Energy saving and electricity saving, low operating cost.

2. Using electricity as energy source, the production environment is sanitary and environmentally friendly.

3. The labor intensity is low, and there is no need for full-time personnel to guard the equipment during the production process, which saves labor costs.

4. High degree of automation, using touch screen control, can accurately control the temperature and humidity of the drying room, drying and dehumidifying time can be set arbitrarily, and the quality of drying materials is high.

5. Wide range of applications, suitable for drying the following materials:

All kinds of shiitake mushrooms, fruits, candied fruits, fungus, peanuts, melon seeds, dried goods, vegetables, rice, seeds, peppers, peppers, rice noodles, noodles, flour, yuba, bamboo shoots, red dates, betel nuts, mangosteen, figs, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. Dry agricultural products.

Dried Potato Chips Advantages

dehydration-potato-chips.jpgPotatoes have the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and moisturizing the intestines. Potatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and minerals. The high-quality starch content is about 16.5%, and it also contains a lot of lignin. It is known as the "second bread" of mankind. It contains twice as much vitamins as carrots, 3 times as much as Chinese cabbage, and 4 times as much as tomatoes. The vitamin C content is the highest among vegetables.

Dried potato chips are made from potato slices and dried, which can effectively extend the shelf life of potatoes, and can also be made into various flavors. They can be used after rehydration throughout the year, the dried potato chips preserves the potatoes originality flavor and nutritional value to the greatest extent. 

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