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Manufacturing Process Of Tobacco Industry

Tobacco processing machine can dry tobacco in large quantities during the tobacco harvest season, and ensure that the dried tobacco is beautiful in color and quality, increases sales, and helps many tobacco farmers obtain more economic benefits.

Tobacco Processing Flow Chart

The tobacco manufacturing process mainly include tobacco picking , tobacco washing, de-watering, tobacco dehydrating/ drying.

Tobacco Washing Machine:The tobacco washing machine uses high-pressure gas to generate bubbling, which can be combined with circulating water pump surfing and high-pressure water spray for triple cleaning. Effectively separate the sediment and impurities attached to the tobacco. During the cleaning process, spraying and high-pressure nozzles continuously supply water, the water supply volume is adjustable, and the size of the bubbles is adjustable, which is convenient for customers to flexibly adjust according to the tobacco processing volume and cleaning degree. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Tobacco De-watering Machine:The machine does not use steam, which greatly saves energy and reduces costs. The air dryer uses a large air volume and low noise fan to dry with natural wind. The air dryer is designed to be turned over and conveyed multiple times, and has a reverse wind device to prevent drying dead ends. The air dryer has a good drying effect

Tobacco Dehydrating / Drying Machine:Air energy heat pump tobacco leaf dryer, automatic control of temperature and humidity during the drying process, completely simulating the principle of natural air drying, tobacco leaf curing is a continuous processing process, whether it is the change of tobacco leaves or the regulation of curing process conditions are all related It is a gradual process, and there are no clear boundaries and stages. However, for the convenience of process operation, according to the difference in characteristics before and after the tobacco leaf change process, and the different requirements for industrial conditions in the tobacco leaf change process, the curing process is divided into several stages or periods. (1) Yellowing period (2) Fixed color period (3) Dry gluten period.

With the stable operation and high-precision control of the unit, the overall color quality of the baked tobacco leaves is good, the temperature and humidity are uniform, and the overall energy saving is remarkable, which has been recognized by customers. Among them, the proportion of high-quality smoke in the sampling inspection of the customer drying project we have cooperated with before is more than 95%, which is 10% higher than that of coal-fired drying; compared with coal-fired drying, the operating cost is 29%~44%, energy-saving and efficient While ensuring the fineness and quality of the tobacco leaves, it saves labor.

Tobacco Processing Machinery Features

1. Easy installation: easy installation and demolition, less floor space, can be installed indoors and outdoors

2. Pollution-free: without any combustion and emissions, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

3. High efficiency and energy saving: Absorb a large amount of heat in the air and input it into the box, saving energy and electricity.

4. Safe and reliable operation: no flammable, explosive, poisoning, short circuit and other dangers, it is a safe and reliable fully enclosed drying system

Dried Tobacco Advantages

Tobacco is a silt grass. It is native to tropical America and is now cultivated in various parts of China. It is an annual herb of the family Solanaceae. The stems and leaves are sticky pilose, the upper part is branched, and the leaves are very large. The leaves can be used to make shredded tobacco and cigarettes. Also for medicinal purposes.

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