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Garlic Powder Production Line Delivery To Canada


Our Canadian client has been in the garlic processing business for over 30 years and has his own garlic farm. I learned through the Internet that we are engaged in the manufacture of processing equipment, and consulted with us about garlic powder and garlic flakes production line.


The Canadian customer said he already had a batch garlic peeler, but wanted to increase the throughput of the garlic processing, requiring 1 ton of garlic per hour, and the Canadian customer wanted to be fully automatic. According to the parameters of the customer's current air compressor, we recommend our chain bucket garlic peeling machine to the customer. Canadian customers choose this peeler not only because of its high throughput, but also for the following reasons:

In addition to the garlic peeling machine, the Canadian customer also requires us to configure a garlic clove breaking machine, a garlic washing machine (requires an ozone sterilization device), a garlic air dryer, a garlic slicer, a garlic dryer, and a garlic grinder ( A dust collector is required), a garlic sauce mill, a sieving machine and a lifting device.


After confirming the problem of the garlic processing line with the Canadian customer, confirm the voltage of each equipment with the Canadian customer, and then arrange the factory for production according to the contract. Our factory has completed the production of the customer's garlic powder production line as scheduled, and successfully completed the delivery.


Canadian customer has his own shipping agent and tells us what terms of trade he wants. Confirmed the packaging size of the equipment and the size of the cabinet with the customer. Now Canadian customers have received our garlic powder equipment, they are very satisfied with our equipment and professionalism, and sent us pictures of the goods they received.

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