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Dried Ginger Flakes Drying Machine Price


The ginger flake drying machine price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per unit, and the cheaper one is 10,000 to 20,000 dollars. The dried ginger flakes machine price is affected by many aspects, such as whether other pre-treatments such as ginger cleaning and slices are required, the demand for each batch of ginger slices, the material of the dryer, and the choice of heat source will affect the dried ginger flakes machine price. Before choosing to buy, it is necessary to understand and compare in many aspects.


We are a professional ginger flake drying machine manufacturer. Based on our years of industry experience and feedback from our customers, we recommend that customers who want to engage in the ginger flake drying business should not pay too much attention to the price and choose a set of ginger slice drying that suits them. The ginger flake drying machine is a prerequisite to ensure that you can carry out the ginger flake drying business smoothly in the future. 

Here is our ginger flake tunnel drying machine testing youtube video for your reference!!

Before choosing a ginger drying machine, you need to compare the following points of the supplier:

1. The model of the dryer is optional;

2. The material of the dryer;

3. Selection of the heat source of the dryer

If you choose to cooperate with us, you can get the following quality and service guarantees about the ginger dryer:

1. According to your processing capacity of each batch of dried ginger, we recommend suitable equipment for you.

Our ginger dryer is divided into high, medium and low processing capacity positioning and research and development. And each ginger slice dryer is divided into different models, and the processing capacity will be slightly different. Take our continuous online loan dryer as an example. There are 6-meter ginger slice dryer, 7-meter ginger slice dryer, 8-meter ginger slice dryer, 9-meter ginger slice dryer, and 10-meter ginger slice dryer. Ginger slice dryer, 11-meter ginger slice dryer, 12-meter ginger slice dryer, 13-meter ginger slice dryer, etc. These will affect the price of ginger dryer.


2. According to your quality requirements for the ginger slice dryer, we can configure different dryer materials for you.

The body of our dryer is made of baking paint, spray paint, color steel, and stainless steel. The insulation material is made of polyurethane board, which is easy to install and has good formability, and customers can install it by themselves. The price of different materials will be slightly different, it is another factor that affects the ginger slice dryer.

3. According to the local energy situation, different energy supply forms can be designed.

The available energy sources of our ginger slice dryer are electricity, natural gas, coal, diesel, wood, biomass pellets, etc. Generally, coal and wood are used less, which will generate a lot of polluting gas, and the operation of the equipment may be prohibited by the local environmental protection department. The use of different energy sources will have a certain impact on the operating cost of the ginger flake drying machine, but it does not directly affect the equipment cost of the ginger flake drying machine.

If you want to carry out ginger drying, dried ginger slices, ginger powder business, you can contact us. In addition to providing you with the most professional ginger dryer equipment, we can also provide you with a complete set of ginger flake drying solutions according to your needs, and provide free installation training. At the same price, we can give you the most professional and considerate service, and high cost-effective ginger processing equipment. Welcome to contact us online freely! !

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