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Dry Ginger Manufacturing Process


Ginger has the effects of warming the middle and dispelling the cold, rejuvenating the yang to relieve the pulse, and warming the lungs. Do you know how to make dried ginger? Dry ginger manufacturing process: dry ginger to remove impurities, slightly soak, wash, moisturize, cut into thick slices or pieces, dry.

Let me share the specific methods of making dried ginger for your reference.

Ginger Drying Process



First, clean the fresh ginger with air bubbles to remove the dirt and sand on the surface of the ginger. The elevator is lifted to the brush cleaning machine for peeling and cleaning to realize the thorough cleaning of ginger.



If the finished product is ginger slices, you also need to use a ginger slicer to slice the cleaned and peeled ginger. Generally, the slice thickness is recommended to be 4mm. The ginger cut into slices has a better drying effect in the later stage.



Spread the cut ginger slices or the peeled and air-dried ginger evenly on the tray. Fill the entire cart.



First set the temperature of the drying equipment to 90 degrees, and the drying time to 6h. You only need to start the drying device with one button, and the ginger can be dried automatically. This kind of heat pump drying equipment saves more energy, is not affected by the weather, and can be used all year round. The moderate temperature control is more accurate, and it has an automatic dehumidification function, which can ensure a good drying effect of ginger.

Properties of ginger products after drying


Dried ginger.

It is flat and massive, with finger-like branches, 3~7cm long and 1~2cm thick. The surface is gray-yellow or light gray-brown, rough, with longitudinal wrinkles and obvious links. There are often remnants of scale leaves at the branches, and stem marks or buds on the top of the branches. Solid quality, yellowish-white or off-white in cross section, powdery or granular, with obvious ring patterns in the endothelial layer, scattered vascular bundles and yellow oil spots. Scented, peculiar, spicy taste.

Dried ginger

It is irregular longitudinal section or oblique section, with finger-like branches, 1~6cm long, 1~2cm, and 0.2~0.4cm thick. The outer skin is grayish yellow or light yellowish brown, rough, with longitudinal wrinkles and obvious links. The cut surface is gray-yellow or gray-white, slightly powdery, and more longitudinal fibers can be seen, some of which are hairy. Solid quality and fibrous cross-section. Scented, peculiar, spicy taste.

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