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Seafood Drying Process


The seafood drying mainly to preserve our seafood for a longer time, because after we catch our seafood, it needs to be dried. If it is not dried, then If you leave it for a long time, then it will rot for a long time, so drying is necessary.

Seafood drying equipment

For example, in the past few years, the drying equipment we often use is still mainly dried by our heat pump drying equipment. Drying methods such as coal burning and boilers will discharge pollution during drying, and will directly Pollute our environment, so this kind of equipment is not used one by one, and instead heat pump dryer equipment is used to dry our seafood and seafood.

What should be paid attention to when drying seafood and seafood?

So when using our heat pump dryer drying equipment, what should we pay attention to when drying it? Let's find out below.

The drying of seafood is generally required to be carried out at a relatively low temperature to avoid high temperature affecting the quality of the product after drying;

1. In terms of temperature: the general water content of seafood is relatively large, so controlling the amount of moisture removal is an important factor in determining the quality of drying; in addition, because the moisture of seafood exists in fat and oil, dehydration is more difficult, and the speed of dehydration is controlled. very critical.

2. Drying time - seafood drying generally has a long cycle, and rapid drying will generally destroy the drying quality.

3. Color - It is very important to maintain the color of seafood after drying; circulating air - drying of seafood generally requires a larger circulating air volume.

4. The wind speed is also relatively high to avoid water vapor staying on the surface of the material.

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