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Tremella Drying Process


Tremella, also known as white fungus, white fungus, tremella, etc., belongs to the fungus Tremellaceae Tremella genus, is the fruiting body of the fungus Tremella fungus of the door Basidiomycota, and has the laudatory title of "the crown of fungi". The tremella drying process needs to pay attention to the reasonable temperature setting.

Most species of white fungus are born on logs of various trees. But Tremella fungus mycelium has almost no ability to decompose cellulose, so in the process of completing its life cycle, it must rely on the assistance of another fungus, that is, Ash Fungus, also known as Auricularia, also known as Feather Mycelium, which can decompose Tremella fungus The cellulose, lignin, starch, etc. that cannot be used by silk are decomposed into nutrients that can be absorbed by white fungus hyphae.

Tremella drying process

1 white fungus harvested and pre-dried

After the white fungus is harvested, it can be pre-dried and then dried in sunny days. The vitamin content of the dried white fungus is not easy to lose. You can also start the heat pump dryer to preheat it to about 42°C, and directly wash and select and drain the water. The final white fungus is evenly loaded into stainless steel trays and pushed into the drying room.

2 Tremella initial temperature setting

The fresh white fungus that has just been harvested has a water content of more than 80%. It takes about 3 days to dry in the sun, which is slow and affects production. It can be completed in about 15 hours using a heat pump dryer. The initial drying temperature should be low, starting at 30°C. The drying time is about 5 hours, and the moisture content of the ear flap is reduced to about 30%.

3 tremella drying middle temperature

In the mid-term drying of white fungus, the temperature will rise to about 55°C, and the drying time is 5-8 hours. The temperature in the early and late drying stages should be low, and the temperature in the middle stage should be high. dry quality.

4 Tremella drying later stage

In the late stage of white fungus drying, the ear flap is close to drying, so the temperature in the dryer is lowered to about 35°C, and the base of the ear is completely dry, that is, the whole drying process is completed. After the white fungus is dried, when the cooling is consistent with normal temperature, the white fungus can be graded, packaged and stored.

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