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Bayberry / Yangmei Drying Process


Traditional Yangmei/bayberry drying generally adopts electric heating. With the development of the times, bayberry dryers are also facing replacement. The disadvantage of large power consumption in electric heating methods has been improved. The characteristics of electricity, under the premise of ensuring the drying quality of bayberry, will become the main force for drying fruits and vegetables such as bayberry in the future.

Bayberry / Yangmei drying process:

First: Put the fresh red bayberry that has been done in the preliminary work into the red bayberry dryer, set the temperature to 45°C, control the relative humidity at about 12%, and set the drying time to 10 hours;

Then: set the temperature at 60°C, control the relative humidity at 12%, and set the drying time to 6 hours;

Next: adjust the temperature to 65°C and control the relative humidity at 12% until drying.

Many people have abandoned the traditional bayberry drying method and chose the air energy heat pump dryer, because it has a professional and self-developed air distribution system, which ensures the uniform output of wind speed and heat, and can accurately control the adjustment of temperature and humidity to dry the bayberry. It is fast, has no loss, no peculiar smell, and looks good, so it is favored by many bayberry producers.

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