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Apple Heat Pump Dryer Drying Process


Choose fruits that are fresh and plump, of good quality, more than 80% mature, free from mildew and rotten, and free from damage.

Raw material processing, soak in water for about two hours before slicing, wash away pesticide residues, and then slice.

After slicing, soak in salt water and let it oxidize and turn black.

Drain and place on a plate.

After the plate is finished, it is neatly placed in the drying room in turn.

Drying is carried out at a temperature of 60°C for about 10 hours. During the drying process, dehumidification is always carried out.

Real-time display of the temperature and humidity in the drying room and the working status of each function of the unit.

Humanized design, intelligent system is convenient, feel the intelligent environmental protection, fast.

After testing, the dried apples that pass the inspection are packed into composite packaging bags.

Using vacuum packaging belt, the shelf life is longer.

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