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Banana Powder Making Machine Price


The banana powder making machine price ranges from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the status of the banana materials that the customer needs to process. Generally, the materials used to add banana powder are mainly divided into two types: dehydrated banana slices and green bananas. Today we will talk about the impact of these two different processing materials on the final price of the banana powder machine.

Dehydrated Banana Chips:

If the customer's finished product is dehydrated banana chips, it can be directly used for grinding. In this case, the banana powder making machine price is several thousand dollars. Customers only need to buy a banana mill to achieve banana grinding, and we can configure different screens according to the customer's grinding fineness, so as to realize the customer's demand for rubber powder fineness. In order to avoid the dust flying during the banana grinding process and pollute the banana powder processing environment, we can also configure a professional dust collection device. These configurations will not have much impact on the banana powder making machine price.


Green Banana:

If the customer's raw material is green bananas, the banana powder making machine price will range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The main reason is that we need to configure the corresponding green banana pre-processing equipment, and after the green bananas are made into dehydrated banana chips, the banana powder is processed. The green banana pre-treatment equipment mainly required to make banana powder includes cleaning green bananas, blanching green bananas, peeling green bananas, slicing green bananas, dehydrating and drying banana slices, and grinding the dehydrated banana slices. According to the packaging needs of customers, we can provide customers with a variety of banana powder packaging machines to achieve various packaging needs of customers.

Here is our banana powder processing plant youtube video testing for Dole company for your reference!!

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