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Betel Nut Drying Process


Heat pump betel nut drying machine is a device that can provide heat to our areca nuts for drying without burning materials. It mainly absorbs the heat of the air in the outside world, and then transfers it to our compressor for an air drying process. Compressed, compressed into high temperature and high pressure, and then passed to one of our ovens to dry our betel nuts.

Betel nut drying process steps

Heat pump dryer equipment is used to dry betel nuts. The drying steps are divided into our four major stages.

Stage 1: When the betel nuts first enter the drying room, because the water content is still high, our drying temperature must be gradually increased, and the heating time is maintained at 20-24 hours, so that the water gradually evaporates, and the temperature is adjusted automatically. Wet for 1-2 days to allow most of the moisture to drain.

Stage 2: Shovel screening. This stage is mainly to ensure that the betel nuts are dried at a uniform speed. Therefore, the betel nuts must be screened to sort out large and small fruits, and put the large fruits at the bottom of the drying room.

Stage 3: In the third stage, we need to gradually increase the temperature of our barn to evaporate the water, adjust the humidity to automatically dehumidify, and let the water vapor out. This lasts for 20-24 hours to let most of the water out .

Stage 4: In the last stage of drying, the drying temperature should be gradually lowered. At this time, we lower the temperature to about 55°C, and then continue to bake for two days to reduce the weight of the fruit to a certain level. 25-30% of the weight of the fresh fruit becomes the dried fruit.

Summary: Our betel nut drying can be dried using our heat pump areca nut, which can be divided into four stages of drying.

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