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Cantaloupe Heat Pump Dryer Drying Process


The flesh of cantaloupe is thick, crisp and refreshing. In fact, we can also use cantaloupe for drying, drying it into dried cantaloupe, so how do we dry cantaloupe? Let's find out when it is dried.

The cantaloupe heat pump dryer is a machine that uses the air heat in the outside to dry the cantaloupe. High-pressure gas, and then pass the gas to the condenser to release heat to dry one of our cantaloupes. This cycle is the principle of drying of one of our cantaloupe heat pump dryers.

The cantaloupe dryer can be dried in multiple stages, such as preheating drying stage, drying stage, etc.

We first set the temperature rise to 45 °C to achieve a preheating effect, control the humidity at 25 °C, and the cantaloupe drying time is 1 hour. There is a certain temperature in the cantaloupe heat pump dryer . At this time, the temperature is set to 47°C, the humidity is set to 20°C, and the drying time is 1 hour to maintain the color of the cantaloupe. The temperature is controlled at 53°C, the humidity is set at 15°C, and the cantaloupe drying time has passed 1 hour, and the effect of moderate drying has been achieved.

Raise the temperature again, set it to 57°C, and lower the humidity slightly to 10°C. At this time, the cantaloupe slices have reached a certain hardness, and then dry for 1 hour. Set the temperature at 63°C, lower the humidity to 6°C, and then dry it for half an hour to check the fineness of the cantaloupe slices, then stop the machine and push the cantaloupe slices out of the cantaloupe heat pump dryer.

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