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Chilli Pepper Heat Pump Dryer Advantages


The heat pump pepper dryer machine improves the efficiency and quality of pepper drying, reduces the cost of pepper drying, and achieves zero pollution in pepper drying, which can meet the needs of large, medium and small pepper processing enterprises for pepper drying.

High efficiency: high drying efficiency.

High quality: Aiming at the characteristics of pepper materials, combined with the principle of scientific ratio of heat, air volume, and air pressure, the heat and air volume are more uniform, and the dried peppers are full in shape and bright in color;

Low cost: At the same time, the total energy consumption and the cost of the chili dryer are 35% lower than similar ones, and 60% lower than traditional drying rooms.

Zero pollution: The heat source of the air energy mainly comes from fresh natural air. Through the work of the compressor, it absorbs the temperature in the environment and converts it into a heat source. The hot air circulation method is used to dry the peppers, which has an absolute advantage in environmental protection. Safety and health, zero pollution and zero discharge to the environment.

Relatively high safety performance: Compared with traditional coal burning, the safety of electric heating can be increased by about 5 times.

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