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Does Heat Pump Dryers Need to Install Drain?


Air heat pump dryer is a device that uses the heat of the air in the outside world to dry our materials. When this dryer equipment is drying, it does not burn materials to provide heat, but Compress the heat in the air through the compressor, and then transfer it to our condenser to release it to our drying room for drying the materials. Then someone asked, when our dryer equipment is drying , Does the evaporated water vapor need to install drain holes? Today we will come to understand whether the dryer equipment needs to be installed with a drain?

Does the heat pump dryer need to install a drain?

We can divide this into two cases

1. If it is not a C wet dryer equipment, the moisture after heat drying can be discharged with our dehumidification fan, so we don't need to install our drain.

2. If it is a C wet dryer equipment, then we can install a drain port, so that the moisture in the material inside the barn can reach our water tray with our evaporated water, and the water tray will be Water will flow out along the water pipe.

3. Another situation is that when our heat pump dryer equipment is drying, for example, we are drying roses, then if you want to extract J Huaye, then you can also install our discharge hole to carry out For the extraction liquid of our dryer equipment, the evaporated J Hua liquid can flow out with the tube.

Summary: For our heat pump dryer, you can install a water tray when drying, or you don’t need to install it. If you don’t install it, the steam we dry will be discharged with our dehumidification fan.

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