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Garlic Dehydration Plant Cost


The garlic dehydration plant cost mainly includes the construction cost of garlic dehydration plant (plant land cost+design and planning building consumables cost) and the garlic dehydration plant cost. The garlic dehydration cost ranges from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. On the whole, the garlic dehydration plant cost mainly depends on the user's demand for the amount of garlic dehydration treatment per batch and whether the garlic pretreatment process is required before dehydration.

Generally, if garlic pretreatment equipment is not needed, and the amount of garlic dehydration in each batch is not large, the construction cost of garlic dehydration plant can be directly saved. The garlic drying machine is compact in structure, small in floor area, equipped with universal wheels, and can be flexibly moved at will,. It can be put in a spare room or a shantytown.

Garlic processing plants with a big capacity generally need to be equipped with garlic pretreatment processing equipment. Garlic pretreatment mainly includes garlic petal breaking, peeling, cleaning and air drying. Garlic slicing equipment can be configured according to the shape of dehydrated garlic products or drying quality requirements. Before customers purchase garlic dehydration equipment, we can provide customers with factory layout drawings free of charge according to the customer's factory area, so as to ensure that your equipment placement and installation in the later period can realize the reasonable use of the factory area, and the garlic drying machine can be more scientifically and reasonably arranged.

The following is our video of the completion of the dehydration and powdering machine for your reference.!!


If you ever want to know more about the garlic dehydrating and processing machine, please feel free to consult me online. We will provide you with free quotation of garlic dehydration equipment!!

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